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Commercial Vehicle Policy Booklet 

Terms & Conditions


| Commercial Vehicle Online Quote

Please read the following carefully

To obtain a valid online quotation from Liberty Insurance you and any drivers named on the policy must meet all of the following criteria:

Driver Requirements

Must have a valid UK or EU driving licence to drive the vehicles under this policy - a learner permit is only valid for the country it was issued in. If your licence is not valid it may invalidate your policy.
Must have an occupation that warrants the use of a commercial vehicle. We do not provide cover for Market/Street traders, Driving Instructors or Couriers.
Have not been refused insurance, renewal of insurance or had any special terms and conditions imposed by an insurer.
Have not been disqualified from driving in last 3 years or have any prosecutions pending
Have not been convicted of any non motoring offence involving dishonesty, fraud or arson or have any prosecutions pending.
Do not suffer from any disabilities or medical conditions which must be reported to the driver licensing authority.
When incepting a commercial vehicle policy the No Claims Bonus must not overlap if being used on another policy.
Can provide proof of discount (if any) used to obtain your quotation. We can only accept your discount earned with another insurer if it has been earned on a private motor (private motor NCB can only be used if the commercial vehicle is less than 2 tonne carrying capacity) or commercial vehicle policy, within Ireland, UK, all EU countries, USA, Bermuda, Canada, Australia or New Zealand in the past two years. The discount can only be used on one policy at any one time.

Vehicle Requirements

Must not be transporting any flammable or hazardous goods.
We only quote vans under 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.
Your vehicle is registered to you or your spouse/common law partner or is leased to you or your spouse/common law partner from a lease company on a minimum twelve (12) month contract.
Your vehicle, if required by law, must hold a valid NCT or CRW (certificate of road worthiness).
We do not quote for the following vehicles on this policy - cars, break-down trucks , PSV vehicles (e.g. Taxi), Ambulances, Ice cream vans, Chip vans, vans/jeeps with seats in rear excluding crew cabs, airport service vehicles used at airport or vehicles for carrying antiques/furniture removals.
Please phone Liberty Insurance if you wish to cover a vehicle for international haulage.
Your vehicle must have an Irish registration number. If it does not have an Irish registration number then you are required to supply this information to us within 14 days, otherwise your policy may face cancellation. This information has to be passed to the Revenue Commissioner under Section 142A of the Finance Act 1992 as inserted by the Finance Act 2010.
    If you do not have any No Claims Bonus and you have been a named driver on another policy you may be entitled to a discount. Please phone Liberty Insurance for details.

Important Information:

You must disclose all material facts in relation to this policy for example previous claims history, as failure to amend an incorrect fact could result in your policy being invalidated and claims may not be paid. If the policy is invalidated this could result in difficultly obtaining insurance in the future. Material facts are those facts, which might influence the acceptance or assessment of your proposal. If you are in doubt as to whether a fact is material you should disclose it.

You can enjoy a discount of up to 10% on your motor or home policy when you or your spouse, civil partner or common law partner have more than one motor or home policy with us. The multi-policy discount is only available for Republic of Ireland eligible insurance policies. Terms & conditions apply

The price you obtain online is only guaranteed for online purchases within the quote period.

When you request a quote online from us you may receive an email in relation to that quote and we may contact you by telephone to discuss it further.

In order to provide you with a quote we have to collect some personal data about you and any additional drivers; this data may include medical and conviction details, by continuing with the quotation you are providing us with your consent to collect this information.

I accept the data privacy policy and marketing preference policy

By clicking the accept button below I am confirming I have met all the driving and vehicle requirements above and that all information supplied and /or any future information provided will form the basis of the contract between Liberty Insurance and me. I understand that failure to notify a material fact may result in my policy being invalid.

If you do not meet the above criteria we may still be able to provide you with a quotation over the telephone, please call us on 1890 89 1890